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Spread the word - cjay92 Jesse & JD morning show

Honk if you see me in my CJay92 van!

Yes, I've painted my own mini-van with Jesse and Jd's mugs and the CJay 92 Morning show logos. For the past two weeks, I drove around Calgary and through various Central Alberta towns from Red Deer to Okotoks - stopping at various businesses and high traffic areas to paint my van and offered on-site free caricature sketches.  

Why would I do this?

CJay 92 is offering $25,000 for the individual that creates the best advertisement for their Jesse & JD Morning show. I want to be that person and I'm definitely spreading the word! See my picture to the right - I made the local news! 

World's Largest Caricature of Jesse & JD

I'm creating the World's largest caricature of Jesse and JD. Follow my progress on instagram (deanfosterca).

It's the Jess & JD's Morning Show Contest

I'm on a mission and that's to win the $25,000 contest in promoting and advertising Jesse & JD's morning show on CJay92. Check out my page and see what I've been up to.

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My Background

Born and raised in South Africa, I had a passion for both motorcycles and art from an early age. I attended art school in Natal and soon found myself contracting to some of the top marketing firms in the world. Some 25 years later and a half a world away, I've since relocated to Central Alberta and am creating unique illustrations and caricatures for individuals and  companies.


My Medium

I use pencil for my caricatures when I'm at an event - typically head and shoulders. For special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays or corporate gifts, I'll use ink and if requested, I'll apply colour digitally. When I find the time, I like to dabble in pastels and acrylics.  


My Inspiration

Life and my surroundings inspire me and the fact that I can make a good honest living doing something that I enjoy. Seeing the surprise on someone's face that just received one of my drawings is the greatest reward.


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